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    Knowing how to cover furniture by decorating with sheets can spruce up your pad without having to cost a lot of money. Decorating with sheets can give you a lot more options for the overall look of your furniture. Sheets come in a wider variety colors and styles than what you can find in a […]

    The post Decorating With Sheets How To Cover Furniture appeared first on Made Man.

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  • 03/27/10--19:56: Bachelor Pad Essentials
  • You've got a pretty cool apartment, and you need to know what are the bachelor pad essentials. Nevermind your not-so-hip roommates—it's your crib! Okay, maybe you are imagining disco balls that drop from the ceiling and circular beds that start twirling at the flick of a switch, not to mention Barry White's sensual voice wafting […]

    The post Bachelor Pad Essentials appeared first on Made Man.

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    You a brought a jersey of your favorite football player, wore it once, and now you want to know, "How To Frame A Football Jersey?" You're so excited about how much fun you had while wearing that jersey at the game, but you would not dare wear that jersey again. You must savor the memories because that experience only […]

    The post How To Frame A Football Jersey appeared first on Made Man.

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    If your kitchen is too narrow for chairs, why not figure out how to build benches for a kitchen? You’ll be able to enjoy your morning coffee in the comfort of your kitchen, tucked away in an intimate corner. It is easy to build benches, and by painting them in chic colors, you can add […]

    The post How To Build Benches For A Kitchen appeared first on Made Man.

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  • 06/02/10--22:38: Cricut Home Decor How To
  • Heres a Cricut home decor how-to for all the Cricut fans out there. The Cricut personal cutting machine has opened up a whole new world for craft lovers and home decor fans alike, but exactly how can you make a home decor statement with a Cricut? Vinyl wall quotes are quickly becoming a popular fashion […]

    The post Cricut Home Decor How To appeared first on Made Man.

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  • 06/29/10--02:00: How To Sew Couch Cushions
  • Change the look of your home whenever you're in the mood and learn how to sew couch cushions. Learning how to sew couch cushions gives you complete control over the look and feel of your couches. Once you know how to sew couch cushions, you will no longer be beholden to the trendy styles that […]

    The post How To Sew Couch Cushions appeared first on Made Man.

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    Need tips for Ernest Hemingway style decor? The best place to get tips for Ernest Hemingway style decor, is to take a trip to the Hemingway House and Museum in Key West, FL. This home turned museum was the place where Ernest Hemingway spent most of his time when he wasn't traveling. Ernest Hemingway himself […]

    The post Tips For Earnest Hemingway Style: D?cor appeared first on Made Man.

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    Want to know how to install insulation in cathedral ceiling? Installing insulation on a cathedral ceiling is a task that allows you to enjoy a nice comfortable atmosphere inside your home. Cathedral ceilings are a beautiful touch for any high ceilings, and can create an extremely dramatic appearance in a room. It is ideal to […]

    The post How To Install Insulation In Cathedral Ceiling appeared first on Made Man.

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    Taking the time to learn how to restore vintage wall sconces can add an elegant and personal touch to any room. Restoring antique lighting requires a bit of expertise to turn antique and vintage wall sconces into something beautiful and useful once again. Many lighting stores specialize in the restoration of vintage lamps and sconces, […]

    The post How To Restore Vintage Wall Sconces appeared first on Made Man.

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    These five coffee table centerpieces for men will add easy style to your home. Most men, regardless of their design tastes, will want coffee table centerpieces that are practical and require little to no maintenance. Fruit. A large bowl of fruit is a simple and easy coffee table centerpiece that also keeps your fresh fruit […]

    The post 5 Coffee Table Centerpieces For Men appeared first on Made Man.

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  • 10/03/10--16:22: How To Paint Trees
  • It’s easy to learn how to paint trees. The prep work can be a pain depending on what kind of bark you are trying to paint. The easiest way is to use spray paint and primer.  This reduces the prep time for painting trees dramatically. In order to learn how to paint trees you will […]

    The post How To Paint Trees appeared first on Made Man.

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  • 10/03/10--21:15: How To Pick A Bayliner Floor
  • Are you wondering how to pick a Bayliner floor? If you are tired of your current flooring or the flooring is worn,  replacing a floor is not a hard task for a handy man. The hardest part can be choosing which style, color or type of flooring to actually install. Geographical location. Geographic location may […]

    The post How To Pick A Bayliner Floor appeared first on Made Man.

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    What are 5 high school reunion table decoration ideas suitable for your graduating class' big gathering?  The planning and coordination of a high school reunion can be a daunting task. Simply tracking down old classmates and securing an acceptable party venue becomes quite time consuming alone without even considering other party planning tasks such organizing […]

    The post 5 High School Reunion Table Decorations Ideas appeared first on Made Man.

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    Looking for 10 contemporary living room decor tips? Want to weave comfort and modern chic into your living room decorating? Achieving a modern look through the right upholstery, furniture style and fabric, colors, art and lighting is not only easy but rewarding. Your living room will imbue you with a sense of cleanliness, efficiency and […]

    The post 10 Contemporary Living Room Decor Tips appeared first on Made Man.

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    These 5 best apartment living room colors for men can upgrade your bachelor pad, being that men may not always be considered as creative at interior decoration as the female eye for detail. Living room colors set the desired mood in the room that you tend to spend the most time entertaining company in. Choosing […]

    The post 5 Best Apartment Living Room Colors For Men appeared first on Made Man.

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  • 09/16/13--00:38: How to Upgrade Your Bed
  • A recent study showed that single men change their sheets four times a year. (Not us! Never us!) Here's some female advice on how to redress your bed to impress.

    The post How to Upgrade Your Bed appeared first on Made Man.

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    Just don’t stock any, you know, fucking Merlot.

    The post This Modular Wine Library Would Make Even Miles Raymond Swoon appeared first on Made Man.

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    It’s time to up your bedding game.

    The post 5 Ways Your Bed Can Make You More of a Man appeared first on Made Man.